Remember, if caught early enough, bowel cancer can be cured.

Some people feel embarrassed about discussing bowel problems with their doctor. By the time the patient seeks medical advice because he or she cannot cope any longer with his or her symptoms,it can sometimes be too late. Be sensible.


Bowel Cancer Wales


Help and Advice

For any advice please contact me at anytime and I will send you information on Bowel related problems.

Bowel Screening Wales
The Bowel Screening Wales programme which was announced by the Welsh Assembly Government in February 2007, has launched a website with information about the programme.

Point of Care Laboratories
A Scottish company that supplies home testing kits for Bowel Cancer.The tests are done over 3 days and if the results prove positive this does not necessarily mean you have the disease. However, further investigation to determine the cause of the irregularities is required.

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