Remember, if caught early enough, bowel cancer can be cured.

Some people feel embarrassed about discussing bowel problems with their doctor. By the time the patient seeks medical advice because he or she cannot cope any longer with his or her symptoms,it can sometimes be too late. Be sensible.


Bowel Cancer Wales


The organisation was launched appropriately on St Davids Day the 1st of March 2007. The organisation was set up to follow its 3 main objectives as set out in its constitution.

  1) The relief of sickness and the relief of mental and emotional distress of those with bowel cancer, their families and carers in Wales,in particular by the provision of a helpline and website providing information and advice and support.

  2)  To advance the education of the public,in the diagnosis , the treatment and care of those suffering from bowel cancer.

  3)  To carry out, or to to provide funds to support research into bowel cancer,its causes, treatment and cure and publish the useful results of such research.

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