Remember, if caught early enough, bowel cancer can be cured.

Some people feel embarrassed about discussing bowel problems with their doctor. By the time the patient seeks medical advice because he or she cannot cope any longer with his or her symptoms,it can sometimes be too late. Be sensible.


Bowel Cancer Wales


Bowel Cancer Wales was created in memory of my beautiful wife Marcia who died of the disease on 22 December  2006 at the age of only 45 years.

My primary mission is to raise awareness of the disease and to raise funds to  research Bowel cancer in Wales.

Marcia was a very courageous and brave person but unfortunately lost her 3 month battle with the disease.  Mother of 3 sons Darryl aged 25 Rhys 23 and 20 year old Nicholas.

She was an adult guidance careers advisor and  worked for Careers Wales in Caerphilly.  She was a very strong person but was also very caring.  Marcia would always help others and was the backbone of our family.  She was so lively and full of health before she came ill.

Nobody really knew how ill Marcia was until her death.  People knew she had cancer but they didnt know how serious it was.  Only Marcia and myself really knew and she didn't want others to be burdened with worry for her - thats how brave and strong she was.


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